Globalization as a Great Challenge to DAWAH and its Solution in Islamic Perspective


  • Dr. Munazza Sultana Assistant professor, Department of Islamic Studies, NUML Islamabad
  • Dr. Syed Abdul Ghaffar Bukhari Associate professor, Department of Islamic Studies, NUML Islamabad


Dawah, Global, Media, Islamic perspective, facebook


Dawah is a state of mind, an attitude towards life, worldly view, truly a kind of a life. It is basically a process of connecting others with ALLAH by propagating the massage of salvation. The significance of Dawah is evident from it that it is the Prophetic domain as well as from its importance in driving people towards truth. It is a fact that Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) was commanded to announce the message, revealed to Him by ALLAH. This responsibility was then passed on to Ummah. Globalization is a challenge for Muslim scholars, teachers, parents or activists to share with Muslim youth a code of ethics and Islamic teachings.

In this article the major challenge “Globalization” hindering the process of Dawah, faced by Muslim preachers, will be discussed along with their solutions.

The following effects are discussed:

Globalization of education, economy, society, and the culture. Dawah workers are not fully aware of these effects of globalization on the contemporary society.

The impact of global media on Muslim families and society is becoming visible even in very conservative homes.

The dominance of secular and materialistic ideologies has an impact on societal structure.

The above mentioned obstacles and challenges require physical and mental readiness among preachers. The solutions include:

Dawah from individuals and small groups can be an effective way of delivering message of Islam if they are trained, skilled and qualified in techniques of Dawah.

Regarding global media, untold number of Muslim youth is hooked on Facebook. Putting a ban on it is no solution as youth yearns to share ideas, feelings, and aspirations with others throughout the world.

Every preacher should be properly equipped with solid Islamic knowledge and studying methods that fit background of target audiences.

The vast Dawah activities must be followed by education and suitable methods. These activities are efforts to continue legacy of Holy Prophet’s (SAWW) preaches to implement Islah which must cover all communities.

The cooperation from all the Muslims is also needed in spreading the elements.




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